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The program programm is online! After we have reviewed hundreds of submissions to our call (huge thanks to all of you, you’re amazing!), we proudly present the entire programme of the congress. There will surely be a few little changes over the coming weeks, but basically this will be the programme.

We are looking forward to seeing more than 250 speakers such as Natasha A. Kelly, Bini Adamczak, Nilüfer Koç (co-chair of the Kurdish National Congress), Uwe Meinhardt (board member IG Metall für Grundsatzfragen und Gesellschaftspolitik), Alassane Dicko (afrique-europe interact, Mali), Lann Hornscheidt and Dagmar Paternoga (attac).

Diverse arts and culture programme adds up to the workshops and panels. And there will be many hubs for exchanging on your congress experiences and anything else you would like to talk about with fellow participants. Additionally we will organise several meeting spaces for people, who are more often subject to structural discrimination; e.g. BIPoC empowerment spaces.

After you’ve read the programme you can send your registration. You will find all relevant information on the registration process if you click here.

It’s time for visionary politics //

Instead of letting the climate crisis and the rise of the right get us down, at the congress we will develop, share and discuss visions of society which reach beyond the Capitalist society fixed on growth.

We want to bring people together who are working on a better future in very different ways: in practice and in theory, in social movements and in media, in education and politics, trade unions and NGOs. The congress will be a place for everyone who whishes to contemplate utopias and transformation, whether you’re new to the field or have been around for years.

We do not want to craft a master plan for the future. Instead, we will gather diverse ideas on how everything could be different than it is today. We want to empower each other and make plans on how to achieve our goals together.

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