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Organising the Future For All

The congress Future For All is hosted by Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie (laboratory for new economic ideas) together with a grassroots organising group and a circle of funding organizations and other partners. Additionally a number of diverse organisations are supporting us technically and strategically.

To us grassroot organising means that everyone’s perspective and opinion is relevant for all collective decisions. We mainly work in working groups that focus on different fields of tasks (such as logistics, public relations, awareness, and many more). Every 6-8 weeks we gather in a general meeting. Due to Corona these gatherings have been digital-only events since March.

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Be part of it

If you want to be part of the organising group, do not hesitate to contact us. Besides preparing the congress there will be plenty of opportunities to make the congress run while it’s taking place. Hence, it is never too late to contact us if you feel like supporting Future For All; the faster the congress approaches, the bigger the workload. And as we all know, it’s more fun to work in a group than alone. So, see you soon!

Financing Future For All

You can find all relevant information on donors on our donations site. Everything you need for making a donation yourself is there, too.

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Donate for a future for all

Our vision for a future for all is based on many shoulders. This applies to organising and funding the congress, too. Find out how you can support us financially here.

Press review

Here you find a selection of media articles and all our press releases.

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